The Left Turn Novel

If your past VANISHED . . . Who might you become?

Hannah, a forty-six year old author plagued with anxiety, and her partner James, an HR recruiter caught in a headlock of grief over his brother’s death, are as desperate for inner peace as they are clueless about how to find it.

But will they be able to let go of their deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs about life and themselves to embrace the unfamiliar potentials they now face?

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews Gives The Left Turn 5 Stars

A few highlights from the review posted on 1/9/2023 by Amy Shannon:

“Wonderfully told. . . . I haven’t read anything by this author before, and what a hidden gem. I enjoyed it so much, that I have now followed the author and look for more books to read. This book is definitely well written, and the characters are very engaging, and very realistic. . . . This is one of those books that grabs you from the start and pulls you in. Geist has a great imagination. An emotional rollercoaster. Un-put-downable! . . . The Left Turn: Two Lives, Worlds Apart is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

The After Show Podcast Interview

I also had the delightful experience of joining Amy Shannon and McKensie Stewart on The After Show, Chapter 13 Episode 7. Amy and McKensie are great and I highly recommend their podcast for book lovers. One thing that especially came through about them is how much they care about authors and helping them with what they need. They are great gifts in the publishing world.

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TODAY, January 11 at 6pm Pacific Time, come hang out on zoom with me and others open to the mysteries of the Universe.

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Author Becky Parker Geist

Becky Parker Geist is the founder and CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc., a Portland based company serving clients internationally with audiobook production and marketing, including complex and unusual projects that may involve multiple voices and/or music and/or sound effects.

Written by : Becky Parker Geist

Becky is the author of The Left Turn: Two Lives Worlds Apart (book 1 in the Split Universe Series) as well as three other nonfiction titles and 2 children's books. She is usually busy running her audiobook production and marketing company, Pro Audio Voices Inc. Inspiring the world through bringing stories to life!

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An extraordinary story that uses parallel universes in a contemporary and very relatable context. Becky Parker Geist opens vistas of perception!

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