The Left Turn Novel

If your past VANISHED . . . Who might you become?

Hannah, a forty-six year old author plagued with anxiety, and her partner James, an HR recruiter caught in a headlock of grief over his brother’s death, are as desperate for inner peace as they are clueless about how to find it.

But will they be able to let go of their deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs about life and themselves to embrace the unfamiliar potentials they now face?

Musings on the Creation of Characters

Who ARE These People?

What’s happening with all these characters and stories that are being created? Are we having an invisible population explosion?

As writers create stories and invent characters, their audiences continue the creation process by reading and watching performed expressions of them. Further attention is thus given to these creations as each new reader finds them. Think about how real they become for folks. Books and tv shows and films are often a topic of conversation. We’re discussing these creations as a part of our reality.

They are real. As real as anything else in time and space. It’s interesting, though, to realize that these aspects of creation—the characters and stories themselves, at least—do not occupy any time or space. They just are. Like us. They get expressed and shared through words (text and spoken) and sometimes we may create a physical expression in film or theatre, thus bringing them “to life” in time and space. But they have already been born in thought and consciousness before we express them.

The Left Turn novel cover

They’re coming soon. Hannah and James and a host of other characters are already in existence.
I can hardly wait for you to meet them!

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Author Becky Parker Geist

Becky Parker Geist is the founder and CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc., a Portland based company serving clients internationally with audiobook production and marketing, including complex and unusual projects that may involve multiple voices and/or music and/or sound effects.

Written by : Becky Parker Geist

Becky is the author of The Left Turn: Two Lives Worlds Apart (book 1 in the Split Universe Series) as well as three other nonfiction titles and 2 children's books. She is usually busy running her audiobook production and marketing company, Pro Audio Voices Inc. Inspiring the world through bringing stories to life!

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An extraordinary story that uses parallel universes in a contemporary and very relatable context. Becky Parker Geist opens vistas of perception!

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