• Unveiled on: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

    The Left Turn earns another 5 Stars The Left Turn by Becky Parker Geist is the first book in the Split Universe Series. The book is a blend of genres, part science fiction, part romance, part self-help book, and part beginners guide to quantum physics. That may sound like a strange mix but rest assured, Geist nails it. The book follows Hannah and James, a couple who have been together forever. Both characters are haunted by their pasts. Hannah is a mess of anxiety and neuroses, whilst James is unable to settle, determined to forever keep pushing forward. Both unhappy with their lives, a sudden decision made by Hannah during a seemingly ordinary bike ride throws both of them into a parallel universe. In this new universe, [...]

  • Unveiled on: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

    My Books Arrived! Sunday I got back home and there were boxes waiting for me. The print copies I'd ordered of The Left Turn: Two Lives, Worlds Apart. You can see my box opening excitement on TikTok.  From Retreat to Full Tilt—or Not Last week I was on retreat with my mentor Steve Napolitan and several of his coaches and clients. It was wonderful—in the actual meaning of that word. Slowing down long enough to really spend time in gratitude, meditation, mindset, healing, and strategy for the life I want to experience is a true blessing. On the long drive back from south of San Francisco to Portland, my mind conjured lyrics to a song that I'll share below. There is a strong tendency, though, [...]

  • Unveiled on: Wednesday, August 24, 2022

    Magic is Real ". . . based on a substantial body of experimental evidence, we can state witha high degree of confidence that real magic exists. . . . it's best to think of real magic not as something impossibly mysterious, but as a forerunner of the future of science." - Dean Radin, PhD, in Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Sciens, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe This is the kind of book I LOVE to read. I just finished it. And just the like the characters in my novel, The Left Turn, for me it was reading about scientific experiments and the evidence they provide that caused a shift in my perception of reality. It's funny to me now as [...]

  • Unveiled on: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

    Hitting #1 Last weekend Friday through Sunday I ran an ebook promotion for The Left Turn: Two Lives, Worlds Apart. It was really exciting to get it out to lots of people and in the process to hit bestseller in several categories! The first category to hit #1 was New Age Mental & Spiritual Healing Soon these followed: #1 Inspirational Spiritual Fiction #1 Personal Transformation & Spirituality #1 Women's Personal Spiritual Growth International Positions Before I knew it, Canada sent me to the top in the Metaphysical Fiction category, and in the U.K. I hit the #2 spot in that same category. Why it Matters My goal and intention is to help the world be a better place, for humans to survive and thrive as [...]

  • Unveiled on: Thursday, August 4, 2022

    Goodbye to Grandma My first real experience with the death of another human was when I was in seventh grade and my beloved grandma passed on. She had been a robust, slightly heavy set, warm, loving person in my life. Living right next door, I knew her well. I was fortunate in that regard. Near the end of her life, she went to a nursing home.  The last time I saw her I was shocked. While she wasn’t, thankfully, all hooked up to tubes and such, her body had dwindled down to a mere shadow of who she had been. Her frail body lay on the bed, her eyes alive, but barely. What I remember most, and what was so very disturbing to [...]

  • Unveiled on: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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